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Great Outdoors (Dallas) 6918 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX, 75206
Deli/ Sandwiches/ Subs
    SpicySpicy Dish  Veggie Vegetarian Dish Gluten Free Gluten Free

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Aquafina (6 Pack)

$6.99   Aquafina (Bottle)

$1.25   Diet Dr. Pepper (6 Pack)

Diet Dr. Pepper (Can)

$1.25   Diet Pepsi (6 Pack)

$6.99   Diet Pepsi (Can)

Dr. Pepper (6 Pack)

$6.99   Dr. Pepper (Can)

$1.25   Pepsi (6 Pack)

Pepsi (Can)

$1.25   Sierra Mist (6 Pack)

$6.99   Sierra Mist (Can)

Gatorade Bottle Drink

$2.50   IBC Bottled Cream Soda

$2.00   IBC Bottled Root Beer

Sobe Bottled Drink

Breakfast Croissant

Bacon, Eggs & Cheddar on a Toasted Croissant
Cheese Broccoli Soup

house recipe with a hint of bacon
$3.40   Chicken Noodle Soup

old fashioned
SUBS are 8” and made as REGULAR or DOUBLE MEAT. ~The house cheese is PROVOLONE CHEESE~ "THE WORKS" = Lettuce, Red Onions, Ripe Tomatoes, Wine Vinegar, Oil, Oregano, Parmesan & Salt
#01 Spiced Ham, Salami, Provolone Sub

$5.65   #02 Buffet Ham, Provolone Sub

$5.65   #03 Turkey Pastrami, Provolone Sub

#04 Roast Beef Sub

$6.95   #05 Roast Beef, Provolone Sub


Spiced Ham, Salami, Bologna, Cheese
#07 Turkey Sub

$6.60   #08 Turkey, Provolone Sub

$7.25   #09 OUTDOOR BBQ SUB (served HEATED)

Beef Brisket or Grilled Chicken. Served HOT with CHEDDAR, RED ONION & BBQ SAUCE
#10 Pepperoni, Provolone Sub

$5.95   #11 Salami, Capicola, Provolone Sub

$6.35   #12 OUTDOORSMAN™ SUB

Turkey Pastrami, Capicola, Spiced Ham, Salami, Bologna, Pepperoni & Provolone Cheese
#13 Pastrami & Provolone Sub (served HEATED on Rye)

$6.95   #14 Corned Beef & Provolone Sub (served HEATED on Rye)

Heated on Rye (or choose your own bread)
$6.95   #15 Tuna Salad Sub

#16 Italian Meatball & Tomato Sauce Sub (served HEATED)

Try it w/ Provolone Cheese
$6.70   #17 Cheese Combo Sub (on Wheat Bread)

(Pepper Jack, Provolone & Cheddar)
$6.50   #18 Peanut Butter, Banana, Honey Sandwich (on Wheat Bread)

(on wheat bread) or choose your own bread!
#19 SUMMER SUB™ (on Wheat Bread)

Muenster, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, & Fresh Mushrooms
$6.65   #20 Avocado and Muenster Sub (on Wheat Bread)

$6.75   #21 INVENTION™ (served HEATED)

Buffet Ham, Provolone, Cream Cheese & Fresh Mushrooms
Cheesesteak (served HEATED)

Served Hot with Beef, Provolone, Mushrooms, Onions & Italian Pepper Mix. Dressed with tomato, salt, pepper & mayo
$7.75   Grilled Chicken Sub (served HEATED)

Dressed with lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper & SESAME THAI dressing. Fantastic with Provolone Cheese (slight upcharge), Marinated Mushroom, Peppers & Onion Mix
$7.50   Reuben (served HEATED)

Corned Beef & Swiss served HOT on RYE with Sauerkraut, Onion & Thousand Island dressing
Toasted upon request. Croissant Dressing: Lettuce, tomato, Salt, Pepper, Mayo
BLT Croissant

Toasted with Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
$6.00   Chicken Salad Croissant

Made Fresh In-House
$7.15   Club Croissant

Buffet Ham, Cheddar, Bacon & Turkey

100% Butter
$2.00   Vegetarian Croissant  Veggie

Cream Cheese, Fresh Mushrooms, Cheddar & Cucumbers (with avocado w/ upcharge)
Garden Salad - Lo Carb

Lettuce, Red Onions, Ripe Tomatoes, Wine Vinegar, Salad Oil, Oregano, Parmesan & Salt
$3.50   Grilled Chicken Salad

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Salt, Pepper & Sesame Thai dressing with Almonds
$8.75   House Salad

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cheddar, Mushrooms, Cucumbers, & Sprouts
Salad Sub

~ To achieve the nutritionals stated in the descriptions of "Healthy Menu" Order Subs on WHITE, with the WORKS, NO OIL with Fat-Free Dressing. ~ Weight Watcher Points for SUBS noted after fat grams. As Chef Salads, Subtract 1g fat, 46 carbs & 6 points
#15F Tuna Free Sub

(fat free mayo recipe) 2g fat * 54 carbs * 9 points
$6.75   #2H Buffet Ham Sub

(no cheese) 5g fat * 52 carbs * 9 points
$5.75   #3H Turkey Pastrami Sub

(no cheese) 5g fat * 51 carbs * 9 points
#4H Roast Beef Sub

4g fat * 50 carbs * 9 points
$6.95   #7 Turkey Sub

1g fat * 52 carbs * 9 points
$6.60   Grilled Chicken Sub

4g fat * 51 carbs * 9 points
(1) Croissant

$2.00   (1) Sub Roll

White, Wheat or Rye; toasted & or buttered on request
$0.85   Assorted Chips

Baked Chips

reduced fat
$1.15   Cherry Peppers

$0.15   Kosher Dill Pickles

Pepperoncini Peppers

$0.15   Potato Salad

$1.40   Whole Jalapeno Pepper


New York or Chocolate Top with Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Cherry or Wet Walnut for an additional charge.
$3.10   Chocolate Chunk Cookie

fresh baked
$1.65   Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

fresh baked
Peanut Butter Cookie

fresh baked
$1.65   White Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Cookie

fresh baked
Meals include Chips and apple juice, orange juice, white milk or chocolate milk (sorry soda is not available as a beverage option).
Kid's Meal A

1/2 SUB includes chips
$5.25   Kid's Meal B

1/2 Peanut Butter, Honey, Banana Sub on Wheat Sub, includes chips
Group Order Administrator
Group Order Administrator

If you are a group order administrator starting a group order for other people but DO NOT want any food items for yourself, please select this option. You will be charged delivery and processing fees only.
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