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Corporate Accounts

What is a Corporate Account?

Do you order frequently and need assistance from time to time? Our Accounts Manager is here to assist whether you just have a question, need help choosing a restaurant, or making sure you have enough food for the number of people you need to serve.

Setting up a Corporate Account: CC Payment Vs. Invoice

We make payment easy by accepting all major credit cards or we can set you up with a house account where we would bill your company Biweekly.

How do I set up a corporate house account?

Generally, house accounts are reserved for larger businesses, hospitals or universities. Please contact us with a request and we can get everything started for you.

How do I pay using my house account?

Sign in with your house account username and password. On the checkout screen you will see “House Account” as the only payment method. Simply check that box and you will be able to complete the checkout process. To be able to have this option you will have to use your unique login, separate from your other accounts.

How will I be invoiced?

Invoices can be emailed or faxed. They are generally sent every 2 weeks, however we can set up special billing arrangements depending on the customer.

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