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Cafe Izmir (Greenville) 3711 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX, 75206
Greek/ Mediterranean
    SpicySpicy Dish  Veggie Vegetarian Dish Gluten Free Gluten Free

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Aquafina (6 Pack)

$6.99   Aquafina (Bottle)

$1.25   Diet Dr. Pepper (6 Pack)

Diet Dr. Pepper (Can)

$1.25   Diet Pepsi (6 Pack)

$6.99   Diet Pepsi (Can)

Dr. Pepper (6 Pack)

$6.99   Dr. Pepper (Can)

$1.25   Pepsi (6 Pack)

Pepsi (Can)

$1.25   Sierra Mist (6 Pack)

$6.99   Sierra Mist (Can)

"Date Night" Izmir Hummus

Garlic free.
$6.55   Babaganoush

Grilled baby eggplant & tahini dip.
$6.55   Couscous

Semolina psta tossed with finely chopped roasted red and green peppers, carrots cilantro and onions
Eegra - Cold

A savory mixture of tender grilled baby eggplant, minced tomatoes, sautéed onions, and Izmir spices.
$6.55   Eegra - Warm

A savory mixture of tender grilled baby eggplant, minced tomatoes, sautéed onions, and Izmir spices.
$6.55   Izmir Cheese Plate

Mediterranean cheeses & fruit.
Izmir Hummus

Known as Dallas’ best! A blend of sesame seed butter, whipped garbanzo beans, garlic, dairy, and olive oil. **Please note that the Hummus DOES NOT include Pita Bread**
$6.55   Pita Bread (2pcs)

Hot slices of pita bread.
$2.20   Roasted Chili Pepper Hummus

And you asked if our Izmir Hummus could get any better? Try our roasted chili pepper hummus!**Please note that the Hummus DOES NOT include Pita Bread**
Russian Chicken Salad

Mom's Specialty! Shredded chicken breast, potatoes, egg whites, pickles, carrots, sweet peas, and Izmir spices .
$7.65   Tabouli Salad

Chopped parsley & tomato salad.
$5.45   Ziziki

Yogurt cucumber dip.
Greek Salad

Generously tossed in our own Izmir balsamic Dijon dressing.
$5.45   Large Greek Chabouli Salad

Greek salad topped with feta cheese, tabouli and sliced marinated chicken kabobs, topped with cheese (For Vegan: please mention with no cheese and no chicken -- add falafel instead of chicken
$14.25   Turkish Salad

Fresh tomato & cucumber salad.
Baked Sweet Potato

Caramelized & oven baked.
$4.35   Falafel

Mashed chickpeas, herbs & spices fried to a golden crisp.
$6.55   Grilled Asparagus

Vegetarian favorite.
Grilled Portabella Mushrooms

Marinated & grilled.
$6.55   Grilled Tomatoes

Spiced & grilled.
$4.40   Grilled Veggies

Fresh vegetables sautéed & then grilled.
Izmir Marinated Olives

Balsamic infused olives with herbs and Izmir spices.
$5.50   Mom's Saffron Rice

Buttery steamed rice with a touch of saffron.
$4.35   Roasted Hot Peppers

Sauteed serrano peppers and marinated in lemon/olive juice
Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy, hand cut & seasoned.
$4.35   Veggie Dolmas

Rice & lentil beans wrapped in grape leaves.
$6.55   Veggie Pirashki

Crispy veggie roll with sesame soy.
Beef Kabob

Ground beef Kubideh (Persian specialty).
$6.55   Beef Pirashki

Crispy roll with beef and goat cheese.
$6.55   Beef Tenderloin Kabob

Juicy tenderloin marinated & grilled.
Cabbage Roll

Cabbage stuffed with beef & topped with tomato basil sauce.
$6.55   Chicken Kabob

Marinated & grilled in Izmir spices.
$6.55   Coconut Shrimp

Coconut battered jumbo shrimp.
Grilled Quail

On a bed of honey champagne couscous.
$12.05   Grilled Shrimp

Saffron infused grilled shrimp.
$12.05   Lamb Roll

Shredded baked leg of lamb with pico in a wrap.
Meat Dolmas (2pcs)

Spices, beef, and rice wrapped in grape leaves.
$6.55   Pomegranate Shrimp Spicy

Shrimp sautéed in white wine, garlic & pomegranate sauce.
$12.05   Saffron Chicken Kabob

Saffron-infused grilled chicken.
Includes: Saffron rice, grilled tomato, side salad and pita bread. No Substitutions please.
Beef Kabob Plate

Ground beef Kubideh. Includes: saffron rice, grilled tomato, side salad and pita bread.
$17.55   Beef Tenderloin Plate

Juicy tenderloin marinated & grilled.
$24.15   Chicken Kabob Plate

Marinated & grilled with Izmir spices. Includes: saffron rice, grilled tomato, side salad and pita bread.
Dinner for Two

Includes pita bread and three starters, three tapas and two veggies.
$65.95   Grilled Lamb Chops

Marinated with Izmir's secret spices & served with grilled bell peppers and sweet potato
$27.50   Saffron Chicken Kabob Plate

Saffron-infused grilled chicken
Shrimp Trio Plate

With grilled veggies or rice.
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Group Order Administrator

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