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DREAM CAFE - CATERING MENU 5100 Belt Line Road, Ste. 732, Addison, TX, 75254
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Aquafina (6 Pack)

$6.99   Aquafina (Bottle)

$1.25   Diet Dr. Pepper (6 Pack)

Diet Dr. Pepper (Can)

$1.25   Diet Pepsi (6 Pack)

$6.99   Diet Pepsi (Can)

Dr. Pepper (6 Pack)

$6.99   Dr. Pepper (Can)

$1.25   Pepsi (6 Pack)

Pepsi (Can)

$1.25   Sierra Mist (6 Pack)

$6.99   Sierra Mist (Can)

Bag of Ice

$3.00   Burners (2)

$4.00   Chaffing Dish Stand

Chaffing Stand (1), Burners (2) & Pan (1)

Complete Set
$12.50   Cup

$0.10   Deep Aluminum Water Pan

Eco-Friendly Catering Spoon

$0.50   Eco-Friendly Large Catering Tongs

$0.50   Eco-Friendly Plate

Eco-Friendly Plate & Utensil Kit

$0.40   Eco-Friendly Utensil Kit

$0.15   Tablecloth

Austin Tacos

24 each. Egg, bacon, shredded potatoes rolled into wheat tortillas topped with picante cream
$54.00   Breakfast Sandwiches

12 each. English muffin, egg, ham and cheddar
$42.00   Egg Stuffed Popovers

12 each. Ham and Cheddar or Spinach, Mushrooms and Swiss
Granola Crusted French Toast

16 triangles. With creme fraiche and maple syrup
$48.00   Migas

Serves 15-20. Eggs, salsa, jack cheese and black beans with whole wheat tortillas
$60.00   Monte Cristo

French toast sandwiches with swiss, ham, turkey
Oatmeal Bar

Serves 15-20. Steel cut oats, dried fruit, pecans and currants
Fresh Fruit

Serves 15-18. Cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, honey melon, grapes with poppy seed dressing
$55.00   House Made Popovers

Dozen popovers with strawberry butter
$27.00   Pastry Sampler Tray

(4) Currant Scones, (4) Cinnamon Snails, (4) Crumble Coffee Cakes, (4) Assorted Muffins
Toasted Bagels

Dozen bagels with herb cream cheese
Asian Dumplings

with ginger soy dipping sauce 40 pc
$60.00   Chips and Chipotle Salsa

Serves 20-25
$30.00   Hummus and Pita Crisps

Serves 20-25
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes

16 each
$68.00   Pesto Chicken Salad Stuffed Popovers

12 each
$48.00   Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

24 each
Sandwich Tray

12 pc. 4 (1/2 sandwiches) each of: Pesto Chicken Salad, with bacon & lettuce; Turkey Club, with swiss, bacon, lettuce,tom.; Tuna Salad, with swiss and lettuce
Chicken Enchiladas

24 enchiladas. Topped with ancho and tomatillo salsa, jack
$54.00   Crab Mac & Cheese

Serves 8-10. Three cheese mac & cheese with lump crab
$72.00   Gilroy Chicken

15 servings.Sauteed chicken breasts with artichokes, capers and basil tomato in garlic wine, with mashed pots
Global Dinner

Serves 15-20. Organic black beans and brown rice with chips, guacamole, sour cream, salsa
$90.00   Mystic Pasta

Serves 8-10. Grilled chicken, brie cheese, bacon, caramelized onion, farfalle pasta in garlic cream
$76.00   Pasta Pignoli

Serves 8-10. Penne pasta, mozzarella, spinach, pesto, pine nuts, basil tomatoes
Sonoma Squash

12 each. Acorn squash stuffed with brown rice, pecans, goat cheese, currants, shallots
Black Beans

Serves 20-25
$30.00   Brown Rice

Serves 20-25
$30.00   Caesar Salad

Serves 8-10
French Fries

Serves 15-20
$30.00   Garden Salad

Serves 8-10
$35.00   Garlic Mashed Potaotes

Serves 20-25
Grilled Veggies

Serves 12-14
$36.00   Hash Browns

Serves 15
$18.00   Pork Sausage

2 pc
Scrambled Eggs

Serves 20-25
$25.00   Smoked Bacon

3 pc
$2.50   Sweet Potato Fries

Serves 15-20
Chocolate Brownie Tray

24 pc
Group Order Administrator
Group Order Administrator

If you are a group order administrator starting a group order for other people but DO NOT want any food items for yourself, please select this option. You will be charged delivery and processing fees only.
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